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Globe Valve Dimensions Pdf Download

globe valve dimensions pdf


Globe Valve Dimensions Pdf Download ->

















































Globe Valve Dimensions Pdf Download,


Ductile Iron Valves E-140=14 (5.3MB) ASME Class 150/300, JIS 10K/16K/20K KITZ ductile iron valves are made of JIS FCD-S or ASTM A395 ductile iron. Privacy policy Terms of use . KITZ's low emission service valves offered in hydrocarbon and chemical industries a realistic and timely solution. All rights reserved. We have two types of actuator with various options that correspond to a variety of specifications. Butterfly Valves E-230=08 (13.0MB) We produce various types of butterfly valve, which bear wide range of any situation, condition and application. PN Rating Valves E-023=06 (12.4MB) Bronze & Brass Valves, Cast Iron Valves, Butterfly Valves.


All rights reserved. .. 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PW dual-plate check valvesSolid Lug type - PL, PM, dual plate check valvesDouble flanged type - PF, PG dual plate check valveHub end type - PH dual plate check valveButt weld end type - PZ dual plate check valveKnife gate valvesBolted bonnet metal-seated knife gate valvesBolted bonnet resilient-seated knife gate valvesStandard metal-seated knife gate valvesStandard resilient-seated knife gate valvesRAMA easy maintenance valves for nuclear serviceRAMA globe valvesRAMA BELLOWS SEAL globe valvesCLAMA check valvesRAMA LIGHT intrumentation valvesQuarter-turn valvesMemoryseal ball valvesSplit-body ball valvesUnibody ball valvesTop-entry ball valvesEP-2000 end-entry ball valvesEE-1000 end-entry ball valvesHB-2000 one-piece ball valvesCryogenic split-body ball valvesCryogenic top-entry ball valvesSecuraseal metal-seated ball valvesCast split-body flanged ball valvesTop-entry in-line repairable ball valvesType L high-temperature metal-seated ball valvesType N severe service forged metal-seated ball valvesType R high-pressure forged metal-seated ball valvesHP series forged ball valvesHP series forged ball valvesPower Ball valvesPower Ball valvePower ComboVTP-2000 high performance three-piece ball valvesVTP-2000 3-piece ball valvesValvac general purpose ball valvesVOP-1000 one-piece ball valvesVEE-2000 end-entry ball valvesV3P-1000 three-piece ball valvesTorqseal triple-offset butterfly valvesCryogenic triple-offset valvesTriple-offset valvesVelflex high performance cryogenic butterfly valvesButt weld end valvesFlanged valvesCoker ball valvesFour-way switch valvesIsolation valvesRing valveHigh pressure valve (hydrodrill valve)Cap-Tight batch digester capping valvesCapping valvesCryogenic valvesCast steel Cryogenic valvesCryogenic gate valvesCryogenic globe valvesCryogenic swing check valvesAPI 602 small forged cryogenic valvesCryogenic gate valvesCryogenic globe valvesCryogenic check valvesTorqseal cryogenic triple-offset valvesCryogenic triple-offset valvesMemoryseal ball valvesCryogenic split-body ball valvesCryogenic top-entry ball valvesCryogenic control valvesQuench relief valvesBellows seal control valvesCryogenic control valvesDMS magnetic safety deviceHF Acid valvesCast steel HF acid valvesHF Acid valvesAPI 602 small forged HF acid valvesHF Acid valvesBellows seal valvesBellows seal bolted bonnet high pressure valves (large forged)Bolted bonnet bellows seal flexible wedge gate valvesBolted bonnet bellows seal globe valvesBellows seal cast steel valves (Bolted Bonnet)Cast steel bellows seal gateCast steel bellows seal globeBellows seal API 602 small forged valvesExtended body bellows seal gate valvesBellows seal globe valvesBellows seal gate valvesSteam trapsBimetallic steam trapsType MFA & MFAS compressed air drain trapsType MFT & MFTS float bimetallic steam trapsType N forged HP/HT steam trapsType Q250 hermetically-sealed steam trapsType SPF & SP high capacity piston-operated steam trapsType SSF steam trapsType TS, TSF & SF forged steam trapsPiping King package unitsThermodynamic steam trapsType HPTD & VTS thermodynamic steam trapsVelan ABV valvesProducts and servicesIndustries servedNuclear powerPowerOil & gasRefiningChemicalPulp & paperMarineMiningLNG & cryogenicsWater & wastewaterServiceResearch and DevelopmentMaintenance manuals (IOMs)Spare partsService locationsResourcesLiteratureCertificatesToolsCompanyAt a glanceOur heritageCommitment to qualityGlobal operationsCareersGeneral applicationInvestor relationsSocial responsibilityCorporate identityNewsNews archiveEventsContactSalesServiceInternational plantsMy VelanJoin My VelanForgot your password? . GENERAL CATALOG E-020=17 (12.3MB) This catalog contains main products within a wide variety of valves that we produce. VMQ(Silicone rubber), W-NBR(White NBR), and FKM(Fluoro rubber), W-NBR and VMQ meet the requirement of FDA. Commercial Valves E-021=04 (1.2MB) Bronze, Brass and Cast Iron Valves, Butterfly Valves, DRV INDUSTRIAL VALVES E-022=03 (1.0MB) Cast Carbon Steel Valves, Stainless Steel Valves. Velan is a world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset butterfly, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications. The adoptions of common parts and part modularization have enabled flexible modification, which will widen the applications of the actuator.


Flanged Floating Ball Valves, Flanged High Performance Ball Valves, Flanged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Threaded or Welded Ball Valves, Threaded or Solder Ball Valves. Privacy policy Terms of use Velan Inc. Low Temperature and Cryogenic Valves E-426=05 (5.1MB) KITZ low temperature and cryogenic valves are used in LNG terminal,LNG production plants,Ethylene plant and Industrial low-temperature gas. Bronze and stainless steel threaded ball valves.Full bore/Long-neck/3-way. B/F Series Pneumatic Actuators E-350=09 (3.0MB) KITZ original designed pneumatic actuator for ball and butterfly valves. HomePage Not Found .


Cast Carbon Steel Valves E-170=15 (2.7KB) ASME Class 150/300/600/900/1500/2500 Gate, Globe and Check Valves, Bolted Bonnet Design. Special Alloy Steel Valves E-186=05 (0.5MB) KITZ covers all phases of valve manufacturing including its reputed in-house steel foundry operation for Japan's largest production of stainless and high alloy steel castings. Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve E-202=11 (3.1MB) KITZ has renewed API 6D / ISO 14313 soft and metal seated trunnion mounted ball valves. EX Series Electric Actuators E-312=07 (1.3MB) KITZ original electric actuators for ball and butterfly valves. ASME Class150, PN6/10/16. Bronze&Brass Valves E-101=22 (5.1MB) KITZ bronze/brass valves are all designed by the state-of-the-art computers, built by automation and inspected by the people who care the quality. EJ Series Butterfly Valves E-236=01 (1.2MB) 3 type of seat material. ASME Class 150, PN16, JIS10K. Ball Valves E-201=12 (14MB) We produce a wide variety of Ball Valves. Stainless and High Alloy Steel Valves E-150=17 (5.9MB) ASME Class 150/300/600/900/1500, JIS 5K/10K/20K, Gate, Globe and Check Valves. ef1da23cbc

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